Posts Block

This block will display your wp posts or custom posts in various way.

Add Posts Block: #

In your Gutenberg editor, find the Posts Block and insert, just like other blocks.

Add Posts Block

Settings/Options: #

Sidebar Settings: #

Select the block, you will see the settings option in the right sidebar. There are two options, General and Style.

In General, you can change the main settings of the Posts Block.

And in Style, you can style the block.

Slider Right Sidebar
Sidebar Settings

Layout Settings: #

In the right sidebar, you can see the option for Layout Settings.

In this setting, you can switch between different Layouts and Sub Layouts.

You can change the column number with different devices for responsiveness.

Also, you can change the gap between posts.

Slider Add Remove Slides
Layout Settings

Query Settings: #

In Query Settings, you can filter the posts in different queries.

You can filter the posts by Post Type, Categories, Tags, Post Per Page, Order By, Order.

If you have custom taxonomies, you can filter by this.

Also, you can offset some post.

Slider Layout Settings
Query Settings

Pagination Settings: #

You can show the Pagination under posts by enabling Show pagination.

You can change the Preview Next Button label, Colors(text and background), Active & Hover Colors(text and background).

Also you can change the padding of the page button and gap between them.

Also can change the Preview Next Button Color.

Slider Options Style
Pagination Settings

Elements Settings: #

In this settings you can show or hide the posts elements and also more.

Feature Image: show/hide the image and enable the post link on image.

Title: show/hide the title and enable the post link on title.

Meta Data: show/hide all metadata, author, data, category, reading time, reading time seconds, comment. Also change category position, reading time label.

Excerpt: show/hide the excerpt and set the length of the excerpt.

Read More: show/hide the read more button and change the label of the read more button.

Open Link in new tab: you can set the link open tab, enable to open post link in new tab.

Slider Options Style
Elements Settings

Content Styles: #

Switch to Style Tab and you can see the Content Style Options.

You can change the text align, background, padding and border of the post content from here.

Slider Title Description Style
Content Styles

Title Styles: #

You can change the Title typography, color and margin from from this option.

Title Styles

Meta Data Styles: #

You can change typography, text color, link color, icon color, category colors(text, background) on image margin between meta data.

Meta Data Styles

Excerpt Styles: #

You can change the alignment, typography, color and margin of the excerpt from this option.

Excerpt styles

Read More Styles: #

From this option you can change the align of the Read More button.

Also can change typography, colors(text and background), hover colors(text and background), padding and border of Read More Button.

Read More styles

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