PDF Embed Block

This block embed PDF with Adobe PDF Viewer API.

Create Adobe API Key (Client ID): #

First of all you need to create Adobe API Key (Client ID) to embed the PDF.

At first, Sign In to Adobe Developer Console.

Then, generate a PDF Embed API Key (Client ID) from here.

Generate API Key

After generate API Key, copy the key.

Copy API Key

If you want to get this API Key again, you can get it from Adobe Console.

Add PDF Embed Block: #

In your Gutenberg editor, find the PDF Embed block and insert, just like others block.

Add Block

Settings/Options: #

Sidebar Settings: #

Select the block, you will see the settings option in the right sidebar. There are the settings.

Instagram Feed- Sidebar Settings
Sidebar Settings

PDF Settings: #

At first, insert the API Key that you have generated before.

After inserting the key, upload PDF file or insert PDF file link.

You can also change the file name and PDF embed mode from here.

Instagram Feed- Instagram Settings
PDF Settings

Layout Settings: #

In layout settings you can change width and height of the embedder.

Note: if your pdf embed mode is In Line, you can’t set the height of the embedder.

Layout settings

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