B Slider Block

This block will show the carousel/slider with dynamic content.

Add Slider Block: #

In your Gutenberg editor, find the B Slider and insert, just like other blocks.

Add Slider

Settings/Options: #

Sidebar Settings: #

Select the block, you will see the settings option in the right sidebar. There are two options, General and Style.

In General, you can change the main settings of the b slider block.

And in Style, you can style the block.

Slider Right Sidebar
Sidebar Settings

Add or Remove slides: #

In the right sidebar, you can see the option for Add or Remove slides.

In this setting, you can change the Title, Title Color, Description, Description Color, slider settings,slider Arrow style,slider Indicator style dot, and default of each slide.

Also, Remove and Duplicate the slide and Add New Slide.

Slider Add Remove Slides
Add or Remove Slide

Slider Settings: #

Can turn Slider autoplay On/Off. Can change the autoplay time interval. Hover the slide image then Pause the slide.

Also, change the slider height.

Slider Layout Settings
Slider Setting

Slider Overly Color Options Settings: #

Switch to Style Tab and you can see the Options Style Options.

You can add overly color in style tab

Slider Options
Slider Overly Color Style

Title Style: #

You can change title color, font size, font-weight, and padding.

Slider Options Style
Title Style

Description Style: #

From here, You can change title color, font size, font weight, line height, and margin.

Slider Title Description Style
Description Style

Arrow Style: #

From here,

You can change the arrow hide/show, arrow color change, and arrow size.

Arrow Style

Indicator Style #

From here

You can change the Indicator hide/show,Indicator style default or dot,indicator color change and active color.

Indicator Style

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