Counters Block

This block will show the number as an animated counter, (start to end).

Add Counters Block: #

In your Gutenberg editor, find the Counters Block and insert, just like others block.

Settings/Options: #

Sidebar Settings: #

Select the block, you will see the settings option in the right sidebar. There are two options, General and Style.

In General, you can change the main settings of the counters block.

And in Style, you can style the block.

Add or Remove counters: #

In the right sidebar, you can see the option for Add or Remove counters.

In this setting, you can change the Background, Icon, Number, Number prefix-suffix, and colors of all elements of each counter.

Also, Remove and Duplicate the counter and Add New Counter.

Layout Settings: #

In layout settings, you can switch between different themes.

Also, you can change the column number with different devices for responsiveness, and change the gap between column and row.

Counters Settings: #

In Counters settings, you can change the duration of the counter in milliseconds.

Counter Elements: #

In Counter Elements, you can Show/Hide Icon and Label, change the size and position of the Icon.

Also, can change the typography of the Number and Label.

Counters Style: #

Switch to Style Tab and you can see the Counters Style Options.

You can change the background and padding of the Counters Block.

Single Counter Style: #

You can change the width, height, padding, border, and shadow of Single Counter from this option.

Final Output: #

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